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My Must Haves from Amazon

Here is a list of my current favorite items from Amazon.

(These are my affiliate links. Just a way I can make extra income as a content creator!)


Bamboo Makeup Rounds

These Bamboo Rounds are an absolute fantastic way to replace your disposable cotton rounds. One of my tricks is to clean it using a brush shampoo as a stain remover before washing!

Makeup Remover Pads

Another clever way to replace your disposable cotton rounds. These resemble a towel, and are larger than the bamboo rounds. I like to use this to remove my face makeup.

Carousel Organizer

I have this in clear and in black. The clear is SO MUCH nicer... I regret buying the black one. I especially love organizing all of my skincare in the bathroom!

Acrylic Organizer

I use this for all of my lipstick and lipglosses. I divide them up all by color category and it's PERFECT! The 6 main drawers are


Beach Tent

This forever changed my beach game! I love how you can make this tent completely private by closing up every window, especially the front. Great if you need to change at the beach!

Trtl Travel Pillow

I refuse. REFUSE to use any other travel pillow than this one. Why? I head bob when I fall asleep. It usually results in neck strains, and not getting good rest when traveling. This is the only pillow that has kept my head up! I will always be a fan.

Collapsible Wagon

Instead of trying to carry a ton of heavy grocery bags from your car to your kitchen. Just use this wagon. I have it in black. Great to haul your kit if you are a freelancer. (At time of this posting, only the red and blue option are correct... then green one looks different. I don't trust it.)

Reusable Produce Bags

There's literally no reason to use those single use plastic bags in the produce department. Especially when you have bags like these. This are so soft and lightweight. They even have the tare on the side of the bag, so you can tell your cashier to subtract the amount!

Metal Bedframe

This is for anyone who needs to hide things under their bed. 13" clearance space underneath! My extra large luggage, my pelican case, emotional baggage... EVERYTHING fits under my bed!


LED Portable Lights

I bought two of these to use as my vanity lights. I am SO pleased with them! They are slightly bigger than my hand, but they do bring out a powerful light. They also dim, and adjust in color temperature! Also great because they are rechargeable, meaning... NO CORDS! Note: You'll have to buy light clamps they can screw onto. These are just the lights alone.

Flexible Tripod

How many of us have been on facetimes, and zooms and yada yada? This is a great tripod to have because you can bend it to fit any angle. Side note: You can also screw on the lights that I mentioned above!

External Hard Drive

The LaCie brand hard drive is the one I constantly see being used in production. So far *knock on wood* I have never had an issue. If you need an external hard drive... go with this one for sure!

The Not-AirPods

I took a random chance on these, and I have to say that I am glad I did. These ARE truly noise cancelling. I've been told that I sound fine during phone calls. The only downside so far is that there is no option to listen to your surroundings. Talking on the phone takes getting used to since these really do cancel out sound. Great for planes though!!

Cell Phone Stand

There is something about this stand that makes your workstation look tidier. It drives me nuts to have my phone laying on my desk. Putting it on the stand just feels so right! You'll get it, if you get it.


Small Lint Remover

How often do you clean your pet's beds? The cat tree? Ever have trouble getting into corners to remove pet hair? Not anymore. This little card thingy... BRILLIANT!

The New Lint Roller!

Yep. No more wasteful sticky lint rollers. Get this thing. It works WONDERS on pet hair!

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