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Favorite Items from!

Ah.... It feels so good, knowing that you are doing right by the planet by shopping with an eco-conscious heart! Here are some of my favorites items you can find on If you use my coupon code: vivaglamlana, you will receive 10% off your order! Click the pictures or title to be taken to the site!


First we gotta go with the easy, fits in your car cup holder, Kleen Kanteen. Carrying water with me not only keeps me hydrated, it also prevents me from mindlessly buying a beverage from a fast food/coffee shop. That adds up ya know!

Forget asking for a doggy bag... or whatever wasteful container a restaurant offers to box your leftovers in. Bring in your own container, and save the planet! I like this box in particular because it is designed for hot and wet foods! So yes.... enjoy that delicious Indian Curry to go!

They also make a round version if that is more of your style.

At Home

My love for Stasher bags is undeniable. Leakproof, Freezer safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe...COOKING SAFE! The bag to end all single use plastic zip bags. Period. *User Tip: The sandwich size bags have a smaller opening. Cut your sandwich in half so you can fit it all without having to squeeze it in! It works!*

Dropps pods are a total game changer for me! I am SO SO SO SO SO happy I found them! No more plastic jugs and tubs?? Really?! Yes, these actually work! I love them! They even make sensitive pods!

Beauty + Personal Care

I gotta be honest... for a while flossing wasn't a part of my daily routine. Since I started flossing, I noticed how much I was throwing away. The plastic container... the floss itself. I found this *ahem* BACKYARD COMPOSTABLE! floss on EarthHero and I couldn't be anymore excited. Cardboard packaging and biodegradable? Yes, please!

I also took note of the plastic bottle waste I was creating with my mouthwash. I thought that there had to be a zero waste option and voila! There it was on the website! Coming in with 3 different flavors, Georganics mouthwash tablets solved my issue! You buy the initial bottle, and then buy replacement tablets that come in a box!

And now to eliminate the use of plastic bottles in the bathroom. Plaine Products is a great service that does refillable lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and more! You buy the initial bottle, then when you are running low, you buy the refill. When you receive the refill you send the original bottle back to the company and let the cycle continue! How rad is that? You can buy Plaine Products on EarthHero, but you can also go straight to their website by clicking here. (When shopping on Plaine's site, make sure you use the coupon code "first25" to receive 25% off your first order!)

I'll be featuring Plaine Products on my YouTube channel soon! Plaine Products Body Lotion:

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